"Anna is a powerful leasing agent who always understands the deal from the brand point of view."

— Giles Membrey, MD at Rioja Developments


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We understand that leasing requires a tailored, client-specific approach.

No outlet centre is quite like another. Intense Retail understands the art of leasing and how each centre needs a carefully crafted plan to take it from an idea to a fully realised attraction.

With our extensive list of industry contacts at the highest level, we know just who to talk to to bring top-performing brands to your centre.

It Starts With:

A Brand Test

  • We contact our vast network of brands to introduce them to your project.

  • We record their level of interest, their preferred timescale and whether they currently have an outlet or full price presence in your market region.

  • We present our findings to you in a specialist, analytical report that will ensure you know which top brands are keen on your centre before you proceed.


  • We can attend key conferences and leasing events such as MAPIC to promote your centre before it even exists.

  • We use our time at events wisely, organising face-to-face meetings with brand and leasing contacts who prefer a personal touch.


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Next Steps:

A Leasing Strategy

  • We identify your crucial leasing objectives, milestones and timescales.

  • We outline our methodology, adjusting elements to your specific requirements and needs. This will include target brands, reporting procedures and incentives.

  • We present the completed strategy to you and are always ready to begin at once.

Category Analysis

  • We use our knowledge of current trends and brand development to segregate your ideal brands into suitable categories.

  • We analyse these lists to locate key influencers, anchor tenants and puller-producer brands.

  • We work with you to identify the best locations and deals for each brand, based on the contribution they will make to the centre both before and after opening.

Support & Training

  • As experts in the retail industry, we have the experience and connections to provide indispensable training.

  • We can host and run exclusive training and support sessions throughout our time with you, unearthing hidden talents all the way from executive to store level.

  • We work with professional trainers who know just how to engage and entertain your colleagues while they learn.

Intense Retail is not just limited to the UK. We have provided leasing services across Europe, with countries including:

  • United Kingdom

  • Czech Republic

  • Greece

  • Latvia

  • Poland

  • Turkey

  • Malta

We can provide our services internationally, including across Asia, Australia and the USA.